Exhibition: A line through landscape

Beauty in sepia
Oil on Canvas, 90 x 150cm
Dates: 13 October to 9 December 2018
Location: Horsham Regional Art Gallery
Address: Horsham Town Hall, 80 Wilson St, Horsham

Amabile Dalfarra-Smith's practice is rooted in her connection to place and her relationship with Western Victoria's landscape. Her work is influenced by photography, as well as her training as a graphic designer. The essence of the place inspire Dalfarra-Smith's personal response to nature. These interpretations may be realistic, but often develop more abstractly through seeking to see the world from more than simply a pedestrian's point of view.

Dalfarra-Smith presents a number of different artistic interpretations of the Wimmera countryside in a series of linocuts, paintings and drawings from 1994 through to 2018, focusing on her relationship with nature and unique style which incorporate realism, expressionism, design and graphic line.


Exhibition Images