2006 began with the massive bushfires which desecrated the Grampians National Park. Many Australian plants, however, need fire in order to spread their seed and one such plant is the Grass Tree which - after a fire - flowers. These amazing plants make an ideal subject for lino cuts.
A series of monoprints that aim to show dramatic movement or just drama.
Images of everyday life from a voyeur's perspective.
The original drawings for these works were scanned and distorted using a computer graphics package with the intention of giving them a feeling of movement.
There are unique flora to be found in Australia. The colour of the leaves are a subtle range of greens and bluish-greys. The shape of the flowers are often geometric and are ideal to use as subject matter for strong designs.
The aim of this series is to demonstrate how a simple line can describe form.
The first design was based on roof tops that can be seen in a typical Australian urban landscape. The images that followed depict the typical activities of suburban Australians.
The stars of the black and white movie era were individuals with unique styles. They did not succumb to a stereotypical look. This makes them interesting subject matter for black and white lino cuts.
Each year a typical Australian family packs their camping gear and heads for a holiday near water. This series is based on camping on the banks of the Murray River near Mildura.